Tony Ward Ready-to-Wear Spring Summer 2022 If The World Just Danced

The last months kept me wondering, what does the world need right now? 

“If The World Just Danced” by Diana Ross is what I need, what the world needs…

It made me want to take off my shoes and dance, live freely, set aside my worries and play with bright colors and iridescent shine… 

I invite you to read the lyrics, word by word. It’s the beat behind the Spring Summer 2022 collection. 

“Empty spaces” invaded with sparkles and vibrant tones,

“Let the rhythm just catch ya” and infuse movement and twirls,

Yes, it’s “so much better if the world just danced”, with flying sequined ribbons and swinging silk blossoms. 

What do you need right now? To “jump off the edge and find out where you land”. 

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