WELCOME TO YARGICI. STAY CURIOUS. YARGICI, a retail, wholesale and online fashion company based in Istanbul, Turkey is now in Beirut.

YARGICI is a fashion- and lifestyle brand from Istanbul.

For 40 years, YARGICI has secured its position as one of the major apparel and accessories retailers in the Turkish market with 58 stores. The brand opened its first international store in Cyprus and then expanded into the European market and the GCC region.

YARGICI presents an essential look of sensibility; practical and relaxed shapes embellished with inspirational details. The fresh and warm style of garments and accessories embody the magic of simplicity and comfort. Color harmonies speak softly as a reflection of a basic, chic look that is the signature of this spirited brand.

From designing women’s collections with a theme of “comfortable elegance”, YARGICI evolved into a brand that is able to connect with its consumer in multiple aspects of their lifestyles.

Always on the hunt for something new and unique, YARGICI creates special styles, inspired by global influences. The design and buying teams regularly travel around the world in order to find inspiration, fabrics and products. Essential looks and casual silhouettes contain unique details that continue to surprise the brand’s loyal followers. One of the brand’s signature element is a huge diversity of prints and patterns and the way they combine them with each other.

The use of high quality and natural materials – such as cotton, linens, cashmere and silk – define the brand’s products. Each season integrates accessories line to complement the garment collection, design themes and styles. Diverse accessories collected from all over the globe and a great Homework Collection complete the concept.

Every season YARGICI aims to inspire women by creating and curating pieces that are influenced by the worlds around us.
YARGICI believes that in order for a woman to feel special, beautiful and unique, she needs to adopt a personal sense of style. The brand encourages women to discover for themselves, mix and combine without hesitation so something new can arise.

YARGICI shop is located City Centre Beirut Level 2.