Virtual i Technologies appoints Perspective Consultancy as CYPRUS Network Partner

Virtual i, a risk assessment and business continuity consultancy firm headquartered in Dubai’s International Financial Centre (DIFC), and with offices in Istanbul, has signed an agreement appointing Perspective Consultancy as its Network Partner in Cyprus.

This agreement allows Perspective Consultancy to use virtual i’s Risk Inspection Platform for their risk surveys allowing the Cyprus based insurance consultancy company to write faster and more accurate Risk Inspection Reports, increasing the company’s risk engineering efficiency and reducing overall risk exposure.

This February, Perspective Consultancy’s team will attend a two day training session conducted by virtual i’s Senior Risk Engineers in Turkey, to familiarize themselves further with the proprietary technology.

Commenting on the strategic partnership, virtual i Chief Executive Officer, Sinan Geylani said, “We are optimistic about the success of this partnership and that our Risk Inspection Platform will make a big impact in the way the Cyprus insurance market assesses risks. Working with Perspective Consultancy, we will support Cyprus insurers to see more risks during the underwriting process in order to ensure that they reduce the probability of picking up a bad risk.”

Alp Özerk, Chief Executive Officer of Perspective Consultancy added: “We strongly believe that technology will change the way insurance companies see and assess risks. Using virtual i’s technology that has to date not been available to the Cyprus insurance industry, we will ensure that our clients see and analyze more risks and put measures in place to ensure business continuity.”

This collaboration marks the first time that virtual i’s Risk Engineering Platform has been used for risk inspections in Cyprus, and increases the insuretech’s company footprint in Turkey, the Middle East and Europe.


Virtual i technologies is a risk engineering and data analytics firm that enables the insurance industry to assess risks it is currently unable to see due to time, resources, geopolitical and technological constraints.

Based out of the prestigious Dubai International Financial Center, virtual i utilizes proprietary technology, boots on the ground and an extensive partner network to offer cost-effective risk engineering services that is easy to use, fast and secure, allowing more insured to access valuable risk engineering services.

Virtual i is developing capabilities powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning and has filed patents that will transform the way the industry carries out risk engineering assessments.

For more information please contact virtual i on [email protected]