TRACS NGO, a grouping of the representatives of key active associations in the transport sector, with support from academia and domain experts, met with Minister of Interior Mrs. Rayya El Hasan in the presence of the Minister of Public Works and Transport Mr. Youssef Fenianos to introduce their initiative. TRACS was represented by Ziad Abs, Marc Haddad, Zaher Massaad, Jawad Sbeity, Joe Daccache, Kevin Boutros and Anthony Massaad.

TRACS discussed the challenges facing the transport sector, namely the increasing demand for mobility and its impacts on commuters, the economy and the environment. TRACS also raised its concerns about the aggravation of the current transport crisis in the absence of a national transportation strategy and about the increased number of victims in road accidents, urging the ministry of interior to put the transportation sector and road safety at the top of its priorities.

TRACS had the opportunity to present their demands to Minister Hasan, namely:

The development of a national transportation strategy which provides for a reliable public transportation system and the promotion of clean alternative transportation means

The creation of a central bureau for transport statistics as a primary step to develop the sector

The enforcement of traffic laws and the application of the system of points

The improvement of road safety especially in construction and public work zone areas

The necessity of cooperation between the ministry of interior and the ministry of public works and transport for the success of each project and procedure

TRACS put their expertise at the disposal of the ministry of interior and they invited Minister Raya El Hasan to attend the workshop they are organizing under the patronageand with the participation of Prime Minister Saad Hariri in September, soliciting feasible high impact solutions for reducing road traffic congestion problems at critical locations by engaging government stakeholders and non-governmental actors in a collaborative effort on one of the main challenges facing the Lebanese road transport sector, namely road traffic congestion at key locations inside the capital and around the suburbs.