Spinneys Distributes 10,000 Donation Boxes for Families around Lebanon in Collaboration with MTV

Beirut – Lebanon, 31 January – 2020 : On January 31st, more than 150 volunteers from Spinneys employees toured from North Lebanon to Beirut to the South and , distributing 10,000 food boxes to underprivileged families in an initiative that brings hope to Lebanon and the Lebanese.

Covered live on MTV, the initiative helped 10,000 Lebanese families in Tripoli areas such as Kebbeh, Bab el Ramel, Tebbaneh, Abi Samra, Mina; in Beirut regions such as Bourj Hammoud, Nabaa, Tarik el Jdideh, Hayy el Sellom, Khandak el Ghamik, and in South areas such as Sidon, Tyr, Ketermaya, Maghdouche, Sahel El Chouf, among others.

To bring the initiative to life, Spinneys collaborated with a number of NGOs specialized in social cases across Lebanon, to localize the most underprivileged areas and help the families that need it the most.

Known for its ongoing CSR initiatives, and aiming to sustain today’s donation campaign, Spinneys invites every Lebanese in Lebanon and abroad to contribute to the change by buying the box on Spinneys online shopping website as well as other mobile apps and send it to the NGO of their choice, delivered by Spinneys.


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