Beirut, Lebanon – April 23, 2019.  Samsung Electronics Levant honored time and again its “commitment to keep introducing Samsung’s innovation to the progressive Lebanese consumer,” as recently affirmed by the company President, Mr. Changsup Lee.

In this context, the company introduced its Samsung TV 2019 lineup to the Lebanese market, featuring the world’s most advanced technology, stylish design, innovative services, and easy access to the best quality content, qualities that have ensured Samsung TV’s Global No.1 position for the 13th year running.

Labeled by notable world tech experts as “the next generation TV with never-ending appeals” and hailed by others as “Immersive TV is here !” the top of the line Samsung QLED 8K TV, which provides a revolutionary TV experience, was launched.

As a backgrounder, QLED stands for Quantum Dot Technology on a LED Panel, another global-first innovation by Samsung. QLED TV technology works by placing a layer of quantum dots in front of a regular LED backlight panel. Each of these tiny particles emits its own individual color. In this third-generation of QLED TVs, the particles have been enhanced to enable greater color accuracy, even at higher peak brightness, which makes Samsung QLED TV technology surpass by far what other TV technologies currently achieve.

With a resolution of 33.2 million pixels in total, Samsung QLED 8K TVs are so sharp one can barely see the pixels with their eyes a few centimeters from the panel. 

In addition, Samsung QLED 8K offers true cinematic color, thanks to using Enhanced Dimming technology which lets the TV control the brightness of each little area of screen space and produce amazing contrast featuring truly deep-looking blacks in a darkened room. Moreover, the contrast auto-corrects for ambient light conditions and is even ready for full-on direct sunlight.

On this occasion, Samsung announced added-value incentives for those who wish to be first owners of its QLED 8K TV sets, and keen on bringing into their living rooms an incomparably sophisticated high tech TV experience with a generational-leaps character, and a truly dynamic image.

And to cap the amazing features of Samsung QLED 8K TV, personal voice assistant Bixby on TV conveniently allows one to control all of the main functions of their TV set with just their voice. One can also use it to get useful information, answer factual questions, and even control their home appliances. Not only that, but Samsung QLED 8K TV is as well compatible with the most commonly used voice assistant devices.

In presenting its 2019 TV lineup, Samsung also shed light on its new and improved Ultra High Definition (UHD) models. In addition to displaying images in true 4K resolution and coming in two slim and stylish form factors (Flat RU7100 & Curved RU7300), Samsung’s 2019 UHD TV models are now fitted with Bluetooth capability which enables users to enjoy seamless and quick connections. Further, their remote control set is enhanced to offer a one-remote-control experience that eliminates the need for multiple remotes to connect to multiple devices, the clear advantage being easy and fast access for viewing content on those devices.

Moreover, the advanced purest-picture-quality experience of Samsung UHD TVs is made even more enjoyable by Samsung’s Clean Cable Solution which tidies up all of the cables and conceals them in the stand, freeing the viewer from the hassle, distraction, and frustration of messy clutter around the TV.

Summing up these Samsung feats in TV technology, Mr. Jay Kim, Country Manager of Samsung Electronics Lebanon, said: “Our Samsung 2019 TV lineup reflects the focus we make, and the efforts we put, in regard to bringing the newest technology, innovations, and world-firsts to the Lebanese market. Moreover, our TV models range is wide enough to cater to, and suit, the different needs of our target customers, who account for the market’s vast majority. We’re truly privileged that despite their different profiles, our Samsung TV customers enjoy a common trait, that of demanding only the very best for their total TV watching experience.”


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