Galerie Alice Mogabgab celebrates twenty years of collaboration with Charles Belle

Galerie Alice Mogabgab held the opening of the exhibition “Every instant” in the presence of art lovers, art collectors and friends, and marked twenty years of collaboration between the artist and the gallery.

In 1998, Belle’s paintings were showed for the first time at Galerie Alice Mogabgab. Charles Belle and Alice Mogabgab have since then collaborated regularly, exhibiting in Beirut, London and Paris as well as at international art fairs in Europe and the US, among others FIAC, Art Brussels, Art Paris and Art Miami.

Still and always imbued with the nature that surrounds it, Charles Belle returns with a new series of paintings: landscapes representing fields of grass.

The recent landscapes explore the undeniable fluidity of time. The subject is disconcertedly humble; untamed grass invades the blank space of the canvas, grows, sways, bends, tempts and stirs the viewer.

« … standing alongside trees with their memories, tempests, lights and shadows, scents and sounds. I walk relentlessly without intent. These errands always bestow me the consciousness to exist» said Charles Belle

Charles Belle was born in France in 1956. After studying at the École Nationale des Beaux-arts in Besançon, he taught drawing at the École des Beaux-arts in Mulhouse. From very early on, his work was exhibited in numerous galleries in France, Great Britain, USA, Switzerland, Korea, Greece and Lebanon. In France, Belle’s work is held by several public collections: Fond National d’Art Contemporain; Fond d’Art Contemporain de la ville de Paris; Mairie de Rochefort; several FRAC collections and universities as well as in fine art museums in Chartres and Grenoble.

In December 2017, Editions Sources published a major monograph, in French and English, dedicated to the artist, providing an insight into an artistic journey spanning more than 40 years. The philosopher and writer Yves Michaud provides a scholarly, pertinent and thoughtful examination of Belle’s career history.

To mark twenty years of collaboration, Galerie Alice Mogabgab presents on Tuesday May 8 at 7:00 pm films by Francois Royet on Charles Belle and his artworks. For more than twelve years François Royet has been filming Charles Belle at work in his studio. This exclusive relationship between the two men has resulted in six films, bearing exceptional witness to the artist’s creative process.

The films are: Ce chou si beau (2007, 26’); Le figuier, tout (2008, 26’); Le peintre et son modèle… le taureau (2009, 16’); Juste un dessin (2010, 13’); Confié à la forêt (2017, 20’); and Chaque instant… (2018, 10’)

Free admission, reservation by email [email protected]

“Every instant” exhibition runs until Thursday 31 May 2018 at Galerie Alice Mogabgab.

Opening hours: Tuesday till Saturday from 10:00 am till 7:00 pm

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