Reopening of Bassma Smile Restaurant

Bassma’s Smile Resto has reopened after renovation!

On the occasion of World Food Day on October 16, Bassma has reopened the doors of its free restaurant for the elderly and the most destitute families, located in Badaro. Indeed, after a full renovation during the summer season, Bassma had the pleasure to bring together the elderly with all the sponsors and people who contributed to the renovation as well as all the caterers who offer hot dishes all year long in the presence of political, social and media figures.

A very beautiful evening where all attendees shared a delicious dinner on the sound of the magical voice of Feyrouz, in a great atmosphere and joy!

The Bassma Smile Restos project started in 2004 in several areas of Beirut and currently serves free hot meals three times a week in Badaro. Many thanks to all the restaurants and caterers who help Bassma and the entire team of volunteers.


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