SHANG XIA appoints Yang Li as Fashion Creative Director

September 22, 2021. SHANG XIA, jointly held by Exor, Hermès and Qiong Er Jiang announces that it has appointed Yang Li as its Fashion Creative Director with immediate effect.
Yang Li’s uniquely modern vision and innovative style makes him an ideal candidate for this important role.
Co-Founder & Creative Director of SHANG XIA, Qiong Er Jiang, sees Yang Li as the perfect fit, commenting:
“Yang Li’s personality and proven talent, as well as his vision of modernity and understanding of sustainability, means he will naturally embrace and enrich the unique heritage of SHANG XIA.”
With this key new appointment, the SHANG XIA brand is further strengthening its offering and its reputation at a global level in the high-end fashion and lifestyle sector.
Born in Beijing, China, in 1987, Yang Li then spent his teenage years in Perth, Australia before receiving a scholarship to study at London’s Central Saint Martins in 2007. He founded his eponymous label in 2010 and was shortlisted for the first LVMH prize in 2014.
Known for drawing inspiration from subcultures in the music and art scenes, Yang Li’s design philosophy continuously explores the concepts of duality and unexpected contrasts. His classic tailoring blends with poetic silhouettes, with a style that is polished and authentic in equal measure.
“It is an honour to join SHANG XIA to embark on this incredible journey with such a talented team. I’m eager to dive and continue to build the brand’s incredible universe, rich in storytelling, its impressive network of talent who have become authentic brand ambassadors.
I’m looking forward to sharing my own creative experiences and take SHANG XIA into a new exciting chapter,” said Yang Li.
Today also marks the unveiling of a new logo for SHANG XIA. The logo serves as an introduction to the modern and innovative design approach that Yang Li will bring to SHANG XIA.
The first SHANG XIA collection by Yang Li will be presented on October 4, 2021 at 10 am Paris time as part of the official Paris Fashion Week calendar at SHANG XIA’s first-ever fashion show.
SHANG XIA was founded in 2010 as a co-operation between Hermes and Qiong Er Jiang, who, sharing a deep entrepreneurial spirit and an absolute commitment to the pursuit of excellence, set out to create truly unique Chinese heritage lifestyle brand.

From its inception SHANG XIA meant duality and this essence, this core value of the brand, is embedded in its name: SHANG meaning “UP” and XIA meaning “DOWN”. SHANG XIA has therefore always embodied a style, a culture and a way of being that is made of contrasts, true both to the deepest Chinese heritage but also to the nature of the world as we live it today.
SHANG XIA is a creator of “PORTALS” adopting a brand philosophy that represents the contrast and connection between digital and physical, east and west, and tradition and innovation.
SHANG XIA’s spirit provides a continuous inspiration to its various product categories which have grown from furniture into ready-to-wear, leather goods, and accessories. Its design approach has resonated with
talent and key cultural institutions around the world, leading to special collaborations over the last decade between SHANG XIA and prestigious museums such as the British Museum, auction house Christies and some of the world’s most influential opinion leaders.
Following Exor’s investment in SHANG XIA in December 2020 the brand has embarked on a new phase of its development with this appointment including plans for expansion in some of the most exclusive retail destinations in China and worldwide.