For over 80 years Ray-Ban has been forging its name as the most iconic eyewear brand. Its glasses tells a story through decades, trends and the people that wear it. It’s about seeing and being seen, and ownership of one’s own individuality – of dictating who we are instead of being told. But most of all it’s about sharing what it is to be you, with people who understand it. It’s about that feeling of belonging, without conforming.

Ray-Ban’s latest campaign captures these unique paths, universal emotions every single one of us embraces, by highlighting the human moments that connect us and let us find our sense of belonging.


To celebrate and share this sense of belonging with our partners and end consumers, Ray-Ban is hosting one of its unique EMEA wide gig #ProudToBelong in Lebanon, followed by other metropolis across the Middle East and Africa. We party in Ray-Ban style to create an unforgettable night with music by Amy Smack Daddy, Mood, DJ Monokulture and DJ ReaB along with, customization activities and a sneak peek of the new collection.


2019, marks not only an important year for a new communication campaign to be launched, but also the year of the go live of the Ray-Ban Certified Reseller Program in Lebanon. The objective is to help consumers in finding original Ray-Ban products in Authorized Resellers who can provide a qualitative shopping experience.

Furthermore, for the brand it is a big step in gaining greater credibility and recognition, differentiating and enhancing both the brand leadership in the sector and the opticians who believe in its value. This project is aimed at building and consolidating a quality culture as much in the service and sales outlets as in the end product to inform consumers where they can enjoy quality shopping experience with a wide range of products. Subsequently, it will be a major milestone in valorizing and protecting the brand.

The battle against counterfeiting is an important issue for our brand, which is constantly engaged in combatting the sale of fake models, made with substandard materials and potentially harmful to health. The Ray-Ban Certified Reseller Program helps consumers in identifying point of sales that are Authorized Resellers selling original Ray-Bans and provide a qualitative shopping experience. While at the same time helping the brand and retailers in the battle against fake to protect and safeguard the value of a brand like Ray-Ban.

Ray-Ban has created a distinctive, simple and immediate logo sticker that will be placed on the retailers’ doors authorized as “Ray-Ban Certified Resellers” bearing a QR code making it easy for consumers to verify on the official ray-ban.com store locator if the door is authorized.