A Lebanese stylist along with her two French partners, launch their swimwear collection utilizing an eco-friendly material that protects the skin

The French-Lebanese designer and her two French partners launched last week-end in Beirut their first collection of swimwear made with ecological / eco-friendly materials that protect the skin.

The French-Lebanese designer Gaëlle Ibrahim said that she and her French friends, Julia Desvignes and Charlotte Brunel, have chosen to use the OEKE-Tex for their Poolday Paris collection, because this material is harmless for the environment and for the skin, and resists, in addition, ultraviolet rays and chlorine. Even the swimsuit pouch is made from recyclable plastic.

Gaëlle Ibrahim added that the fabrics used “make the swimsuits withstand time, and can be worn over several years”.

The collection, on sale at Sabine Mazloum boutique, is composed of eight designs, one piece and two piece designs, that come in a variety of colors, ranging from brown to black through gold, silver, orange, yellow and the rose (pink). Each jersey is characterized by its own cut and specificities.

In addition, Gaëlle specified that “each design takes into account the different age categories and morphologies,” adding that “our goal is to present a collection that suits women regardless of their age and shape.”

Gaëlle Ibrahim concluded by saying that «  they believe that beauty is intimately linked to self-confidence, and we wanted these jerseys to be synonymous of self-confidence and that the women who wear them to feel comfortable in our designs, where we have combined audacity and elegance »