LGB BANK sponsors the LAU Annual Career & Internship Fair

Believing in the importance of supporting Lebanese youth, LGB BANK sponsored the annual career & internship fair held by the Lebanese American University (LAU) that took place across its campus in Beirut with the participation of a wide range of high-profile local and international companies and experts representing various business sectors in the country, not to mention a large crowd of students seeking jobs that live up to their potential.

A great number of students were seen standing at LGB BANK’s booth where they were introduced by the staff to the job opportunities and internships offered by the Bank. These training programs will help qualify fresh graduates to probe deeper and learn about the banking sector, build their future and integrate themselves in the labor market. The Bank’s staff carefully explained to the students the kinds of services and products provided by LGB BANK from credit cards issued in different currencies, to the Bank’s nightshift services and, in addition, its support of SME.

“The future of our country belongs to the youth of tomorrow, in this sense, supporting them and putting them on the right path is our top priority,” said Samer Itani, Vice President and CEO of LGB BANK. “Therefore, we make sure not to miss a chance in offering our support to all academic, cultural, social and environmental projects, as we believe it is the only way we can contribute to the shaping of a generation that will be capable of taking over completing without facing obstacles and difficulties,” he added.


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