Highlights of ABL president, Dr. Salim Sfeir

Highlights of ABL president, Dr. Salim Sfeir in the Press Conference announcing in-kind donation to governmental hospitals
Viruses can only be defeated by immunity; and crises can only be overcome by national immunity and resilience which Lebanon has acquired through time. Announcing the contribution of the ABL with 6 million USD, the President of the Association stated: “Our initiative is a national obligation. It is only the beginning and will be followed by many more in the upcoming days”. Difficulties can only be overcome through solidarity, coordination and dialogue between the government and the productive sectors of the economy. On this occasion, a special tribute goes to the medical and nursing staff who are fighting on the front lines. We assure you that we will be supporting the State of institutions to overcome this crisis, and we promise the Lebanese people that the banking sector will be among the leading institutions striving to get life back to normal and succeeding in dealing with the sequels of the crisis.