The Heartbeat Association launched the “Heartbeat Box” initiative, at ABC Mall Ashrafieh, on Thursday, February 5. “Saving children is very dear to our hearts. This is our mission,” said Dr. Victor Jebara, Vice Chairman of Heartbeat, during the ceremony. “I’m sure that we can make miracles together,” he said.


“I am happy to be a part of the “Heartbeat Box” campaign,” said Maxime Chaya, the Lebanese sports figure, mountaineer and explorer, who recently beat the world record in rowing in the Indian Ocean (RIO). “This campaign is joining our efforts to ensure the right treatment for all children inflicted with heart disease. It is an invitation to encourage all people, including children, to help each other and bring hope for a better future,” he said at the ceremony. Chaya, the long-time ambassador for Heartbeat, invited all the attendees to an exclusive avant-premiere of his RIO documentary in a movie theater offered by Grand Cinemas.


The “Heartbeat Box” campaign was launched with the slogan ‘Give and be a hero’. It aims to raise funds from the public through donations, even if donations are minimal, in order to save children, who will become heroes of the fight against heart disease. Starting in February, the campaign consist of asking people to pick up a “Heartbeat Box” from schools, universities, Roadster Diner branches, ABC Malls, LibanPost offices, ticket box offices at Grand Cinema, all branches of Virgin Megastore and other outlets. They are requested to fill the boxes with donations from their friends and families and then deposit them at any Bank Audi branch, during the week of March 9 to 14.


The launch of the “Heartbeat Box” comes as one of the initiatives that celebrate the 10th anniversary of the association. The “Heartbeat Box” concept was inspired by Pièces Jaunes, a donation campaign organized annually in France.


Heartbeat is a humanitarian association whose mission is to provide the highest available level of advanced surgical technology and expertise available to treat children with heart disease. One percent of children are born annually with heart defects, which represents one of the major reasons of the death of newborn babies before their first year.


Since its creation in 2005, Heartbeat was able to raise awareness for its cause among volunteers, artists, musicians and sponsors. The association succeeded in gathering supporters of children with heart disease, in order to guarantee the best tools and conditions for their treatment. The cost of open heart operations is high, but Heartbeat succeeded in facing this challenge thanks to the support of the community. The association was able to treat over 1,700 children so far, through donations. Heartbeat continues to achieve good results. It believes that every lira counts in its difficult struggle to save the hearts of children.


Let us join our efforts to achieve big dreams.

Big hearts support small hearts!



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