With the help of LG, teach the basic art of cooking to your children!

Are you worried for your kids? Do you feel like they are not engaging in intellectual and useful activities? This quarantine has brought a burden for all of us, but especially for mothers who see their littles ones running around all day, with no idea on how to keep them entertained and engaged.

Well, what about making the best out of this homestay and embrace some quality time with your children? It is the time, now more than ever, to learn some new hobbies, to acquire new skills. Do you feel like your daughter has a musical ear? Well, do not underestimate it because she might be gifted! Has your son always been interested in cooking? Again, who knows? There might be a hidden chef in him! As a mother, it is your responsibility to nourish that talent, inspire and motivate your children to dream big, no matter the circumstances.

And here’s where LG comes into play, giving you a hand by offering you tools that will help you. Call your children out and ask them to join you in the kitchen today; It comes with no doubt that they will have the time of their lives, exploring new interests! Indeed, LG’s elegant kitchen suite is a great place to start. What is on the menu today? Whatever they desire! From state-of-the-art refrigerators that keep food fresh and full of taste, to innovative dish washers that save you time away from the sink, LG has an appliance for every step of the meal preparation process.

If you feel like your kids are ready, you can take it further and teach them what an oven does while also showing them how to use one. Well, it is a good thing that you just bought one the LG Cancun, ensuring that the dish you and your kids have taken the time to prepare, is perfectly cooked! Magic! In addition to that, it’s 20-minute Easy Clean function also means minimum time spent scraping burnt residue and more time spent with your little ones!

And it is far from being all! You can even search for some recipes on LG gram laptop, known for being a  2-in-1 that works especially well as a personal cooking companion, with a keyboard that folds out of the way and a touchscreen that allows you to pause YouTube cooking tutorials with just one finger.

Dear mothers, take time to teach your children the basic art of cooking while putting your mind at ease knowing that you are in good hands, thanks to LG!


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