Samsung’s 8K QLED is the Artistic Centerpiece of the Home

Art is an experience. It awakens the senses, encourages us to think outside of the box, and urges us to reimagine how we interpret the world around us. Most of all, art is made to evoke an audience’s emotive disposition and enrich their perspectives.

When we innovative our Samsung TV lineups, we set out to redefine the role that our advanced range of televisions can play in consumers’ everyday lives. We also aim to reshape consumers’ perceptions and expectations of what a TV can do. Traditionally serving the purpose of viewing, the role television plays in consumers’ lives has shifted dramatically in recent years. Ubiquitous in homes across the world, TVs conventionally form a staple centerpiece for entertainment fulfilment.

However, as the latest Neilson Total Audience Report[1] highlights, users on average only spend around five hours per day viewing content through their TVs. For the remaining 19 hours of the day, TVs sit switched off in complete isolation from their intended purpose. This led our designers to ask: ‘how can TVs enrich consumers’ living spaces when not in use?’

At Samsung, innovation is part of our DNA. As such, we seek to explore new possibilities to maximize spatial value and alter the lifestyles of consumers. Which is why our 8K QLED lineup takes the viewing experience further to complete the living environment and complement the home in more ways than before. With the introduction of the 8K QLED’s Ambient Mode™, we’ve not only redefined the black screen – we’ve taken artistic license to procreate living environments with a streak of creative flair to present endless meaningful innovation that resonates throughout the home.

In essence, we’ve transformed the 8K QLED lineup to be the artistic centerpiece of the home.

Art Knows No Bounds

With Samsung’s 8K QLED range, art is truly infinite. Featuring a minimalist design for maximum appeal, as well as superior style, the TV itself is a pleasure to observe. But, it’s the 8K QLED’s ability to blend into a room with seamless precision which sets it apart.

Ambient Mode™ brings the home’s aesthetics to life in more ways than one. It allows the TV to adapt to its surrounds and recreate a decorative pattern that mimics the wall behind the TV to complement home décor with chameleon-like visual disguise.

Preloaded with artwork from renowned artists[2] such as Tali Lennox and Scholten & Baijings, the 8K QLED TV range also comes to life even when not in use to complete and transform interior spaces with unique content. With art content offering set to expand in coming years, Samsung will collaborate with even more artists to enhance more users’ lifestyles and add a stylistic touch to their homes.

Consumers can also liven up their living spaces with the QLED by giving their own masterpieces the frame they deserve. With the ability to upload photos through compatible mobile devices, users can relive their favorite memories and turn their living room into personal gallery to share with friends and family.

The True Centerpiece of Any Home

Besides its stylistic appeal and artistic exuberance, the Samsung’s revolutionary 8K QLED screen technology creates a truly immersive screen experience. Available in bigger proportions, and in more sizes than ever, it produces crystal clear content and near reality with brighter picture thanks to superior 8K resolution and Samsung’s HDR technology. In addition, the intelligent and intuitive features of the 8K QLED line – such as 8K AI upscaling and Bixby 2.0 – allow for the ultimate immersive viewing experience and the most personalized TV to date.

Completing the full picture, the 8K QLED is a true extension of consumers’ lifestyles and redefines the purpose of TVs to deliver a vibrant addition to any home. Paired with the decorative potential of Ambient Mode™, Samsung is redefining users’ entertainment spaces in more ways than one by presenting breakthroughs that allow endless possibilities for display innovation.


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