Live your life to the fullest with LG’s latest innovations!

The recent global outbreak that we faced have taught us one thing: We must always expect the unexpected. Yes, people’s lives have abruptly changed:  We have been forced to create new routines while looking at the world around us with new a pair of eyes. Some people have embraced this change to self-reflect, but others have been struggling to find their place in this total chaos. What can we do? How long will this situation last? Is life as we know it over? Those are just some of the main questions that have been haunting people’s minds.

With its varied innovations, LG helps you adapt to new situations and gives you the chance to live life to the fullest in spite of what is happening around you. Indeed, with a goal of keeping you entertained and connected and with its ability to make you feel alive, LG makes sure that your homestay experience is quite the adventure!

What better time to discover skills you did not know you had? LG’s elegant kitchen suite is a great place to start! Once you start cooking and preparing your loved ones’ favorite dishes, you will never go back. You will suddenly find yourself scrolling through your Instagram feed searching for new recipes, trying out new dishes and talking to your friends about it! Always wanted to prepare mouth-watering Lasagna? Well, it is never too late! As we previously mentioned, expect the unexpected! With the LG ProBake convection range, you will put your mind at peace, knowing that your Lasagna is perfectly cooked. Also, its 10-minute Easy Clean function means minimum time spent scraping burnt residue and more time spent enjoying your meal! Yes, you will need the best kitchen appliances that make this whole new experience easier, smoother, and better: From cutting-edge refrigerators that keep food fresh and full of flavors to advanced dish washers that save you time away from the sink, LG will be your sous-chef, helping you out in every step on the meal preparation process. Who would have thought that your homestay could be so exciting?

Now, if you do not find yourself in the kitchen and you enjoy more immersing yourself in virtual reality, LG’s TVs are your perfect companions, offering a perfect escape from reality. From the signature OLED TVs to the Nano Cell TVs, LG makes sure you are in for a marvelous ride. Focusing on the very essence of TV while elaborating design for minimalist aesthetics along with a picturesque reality, LG TVs offer you an extraordinary upgrade. Producing images of unprecedented detail and clarity, OLED continues to offer the best viewing experience around, the self-emissive display technology able to precisely control light at the pixel level for the deepest blacks, most realistic colors and an infinite contrast. What does It mean? You will feel alive, exploring new territories and unknown lands, all-while staying home and safe.

LG’s main goal is to make sure you are living life to the fullest, exploring new skills or new territories from the comfort of your home!


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