LG’s ThinQ mobile application offers you a smart experience on the go!

Picture this. It is 7:00pm. You just finished from a long day of work. You are at home, sitting in your living room, eating popcorn, ready to watch the last episode of your favorite show on Netflix. You are as comfortable as you could be. Everything is perfect. Well, almost… The air conditioner is turned off. Guess what? No need to lift a finger with the LG ThinQ mobile app which comes with an intuitive interface, offering you intelligent features to make your life great at home.

Launched in November 2015 and currently available in more than 150 countries, the LG ThinQ mobile app will make your life easier, reducing your worries while maximizing ease and fun! Indeed, the app connects all your appliances, making sure that everything inside your house is running smoothly, with only one touch of a button! Yes, you will be able to remotely switch on, turn off, start, stop, or adjust settings on your ThinQ appliances without leaving the couch as you watch that last episode you have been waiting eagerly all day to watch!

How many times did you find yourself stuck at home, wasting time, just to track the washing machine? Well, those days are long gone! With the ThinQ app, you can check the status of your LG appliances though real-time monitoring: Whether you’re at home or not, you will quickly know how much time is remaining on the washing machine, dryer, or dishwasher cycle! You will even get notified when the job is done!

Facing some problems with your dryer? No need to panic. No need to call an LG representative. The ThinQ app has got your back! Indeed, this user-friendly app continuously records and analyzes the special tones emitted by Smart ThinQ dryers to immediately provide troubleshooting steps to guide you and fix the problem easily. Always here to save the day!

And it does get better than that: Not only does the app controls all your smart appliances from anywhere, it also ensures the best product experience with its Proactive Customer Care, a newly introduced service to the online platform. This AI-based customer service solution communicates directly with compatible appliances to provide the best results for a longer period of time while continuously giving you helpful tips and suggestions to optimize each appliance’s performance.

So, the solution to your daily hassles is in the palm of your hand: The LG ThinQ mobile application offers you an easy and fun lifestyle! Are you ready to take smart living up a notch?


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