HICART.com, Lebanon’s First Online Marketplace Is Just A Click Away

Beirut, November 13, 2017 – Paving the way for the most convenient online shopping experience in Lebanon, HiCart.com, a one stop online shopping platform announced its official launch in an event held at Sax, Beirut Souks.

Led by young talents, the online store that boasts the largest range of brands and products, offers an easy and secured way for customers to make online purchases from a huge variety of products, which will be delivered straight to their doorsteps, anywhere in Lebanon.

There’s a new wave of change affecting the whole world in terms of new technologies especially in the retail business when it comes to e-commerce and omnichannel. It’s time for Lebanon to be relevant to what’s happening the rest of the world.” said Mr. George Azar, CEO of HiCart.com

Trends are changing as the online sphere becomes integrated into one’s daily routines. Consumers across Lebanon are becoming more digital in their purchasing decisions leading to a growth in online shoppers. This comes with an increase in smartphone user and internet penetration along with several other factors, which have contributed to Lebanon’s readiness to welcome an e-commerce platform.

HiCart.com has sought this opportunity to establish itself as the first e-commerce platform and marketplace in Lebanon and eventually in the Levant. “Hicart.com is a marketplace with a hybrid system. From one side we have a marketplace whereby any company in Lebanon is able to sell their products easily through our website. On the other side, as HiCart, we buy and sell products competitively as well.” Said Mr. Eddy Cherfan, Chairman of HiCart.com.

The core of HiCart’s business is to make the act of buying and selling goods easy, practical, and accessible to everyone around the globe. As a consumer centric platform, HiCart.com embodies the fundamental values: Convenience, Variety and Confidence.

Customers can conveniently shop online from anywhere, 24/7 on HiCart’s website. Having its own fulfillment center and the most advanced delivery management system has allowed HiCart to deliver orders as fast as next business day for orders placed before 2:00PM.

Although the website is mobile responsive, HiCart.com will also be launching its mobile application in following stages. With such accessibility, HiCart.com provides a convenient window for people living abroad to place orders for their friends and families in Lebanon for now until it later rolls out to the rest of the Levant in the upcoming future.

In terms of Variety, HiCart.com offers a growing portfolio of over 150,000 SKUS from hundreds of brands as a start with tens of thousands of SKUs being added every month. Exclusive offers, aggressive discounts and pre-launches are will be amongst the vast range of products. The available products not only include electronics, but also mobiles & tablets, baby & toys, books & stationery, home, and sports & leisure items. The fashion, beauty & perfumes, liquors & cigars categories will be launched throughout the end of 2017 and start of 2018. HiCart.com’s advanced search will allow customers to access these products at ease.

In order for customers to shop with confidence, shoppers are given the choice of paying via online payment secured by encryption and tokenization or cash on delivery. In case customers change their minds about their orders, HiCart.com offers free returns with a full product refund for eligible products.

HiCart.com is committed to keeping its community strong and ethical so that their merchants continue to sell their items and thrive, and their shoppers find what they are looking for and buy it with confidence.


For more information, please visit www.hicart.com, HiCart’s social media pages @HiCartOnline or call 04 54 9999.


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