Gearing up for 2019: LG’s Tech Breakthroughs

Imagine a world where all of your basic needs and most luxurious aspirations are catered to. A world where you can be relaxing in the comfort of your home while enjoying a full-on cinema experience, or where you can spend time in front of your television or on your phone and feel completely immersed in the show you are watching or game you are playing. Sounds like a dream? Well with LG Electronics, it is becoming a reality.

As the demand of immersive technology is on the rise, consumers are increasingly turning to artificial intelligence in their daily lives, thus achieve optimal convenience and efficiency. As a matter of fact, “LG is working on providing consumers with the maximum control they need in all aspects of their Immersive Entertainment experience”, according to Managing Director of LG Levant, Kim Donghyeon. Therefore, LG is keen on providing a wide range of televisions, projectors, speakers and monitors which satisfy the increasing demand for Immersive Entertainment, extending to the fields of gaming, e-sports, movies and TV. This, in addition to the AI CAM, aims at the optimization of photos and the provision of smart technology closer to the consumer.

When we speak of cameras, we speak of the innovative V40ThinQ specializing in its five cameras, offering consumers the opportunity to replace bulky cameras with a sleek design, along with the ability of the LG V40ThinQ thatcaptures all perspectives with a plethora of new features. A little magic goes a long way!

Imagine having the time to read, eat or relax while your robot does all the cleaning! Yes, this is a thing with LG. With our LG HOM-BOT, not only can household chores become a lighter load, but your home would be protected against dangers and unwanted visitors. In fact, the robot can even contact you in the event of a break-in. According to Managing Director of LG Levant, Kim Donghyeon, “LG is working on making intelligent robots learn and evolve from experience, in addition to doing much more than the basic chores, expanding onto heating, cooling and air-purification.”

At home, a cozy setting a warm drink… What’s missing? A good movie, show or series? You name it, LG SUPER UHD TV AI ThinQ offers you the optimal viewing experience, with consistent colors and angles, topping it off with exceptional quality of image. It also gives you the ability to control compatible smart home devices.

While some people love television, others may prefer the cinema experience. If you would much rather spend time in the comfort of your own home, LG is here to offer you the home theater of your dreams with the ultimate CineBeam projector allowing you to immerse yourself in what you are watching.

Gaming, for many of us, is much more than a hobby. The serious player in you needs a perfect gear, offering both speed and resolution in order to have a satisfying gaming experience. Enter LG’s UltraGear™ and UltraWide™ gaming monitors, offering both picture quality and high-speed processing. This goes even further than PC gaming, for OLED TVs are being purchased by gamers thanks to their immersive quality.

As 2019 promises to be a year of technology and innovation, quantum technology is expected to make waves at CES, where LG showcased its best innovations. It is in fact already making an impact on several sectors and its importance in the connectivity required for smart homes and cities is a force to be reckoned with. “It is very probable that these computers will one day find cures for diseases. There is no limit to the capabilities of technology”, confirms Kim Donghyeon.

We can safely say that 2019 will be the year of technology that goes beyond our needs and surpasses luxury, reaching aspirations and ambition. When LG promises, LG delivers.