A win for the Technology sector in Lebanon that rises hope amid a challenging time

Hisham Itani is recognized by CEO Today Magazine at the CEO Today Middle East Awards 2020 for his achievements in the Technology sector in the Middle East

Beirut, 17 April 2020: Amid a difficult and challenging time, Lebanon proves once more that it has the potential to rise again considering its promising technology sector and local creative talents.

A global English publication, “CEO Today Magazine”, announced that Hisham Itani, Chairman and CEO of Resource Group, a technology investment group based in Beirut, was recognized at the CEO Today Middle East Awards 2020 for his achievements in the Technology sector in the Middle East.

Through its subsidiaries, Resource Group, works on several projects supporting governments, financial institutions, telecom operators and corporations through digital software solutions and services. The company aims to foster innovative technological solutions in line with digital transformation in Lebanon and the region. Hence, it relies on its talented local team of experts to deliver world-class solutions with the highest international standards.

Hisham Itani asserted his strong belief in Lebanon following the announcement. He said: “This win goes to our dedicated team at Resource Group but also to all the Lebanese. I strongly believe that we have the potential to develop solutions that address societal challenges and support society’s progress. More so today, the social transformation that is resulting from the spread of Covid-19 along with the difficult economic situation in Lebanon and around the world, push our limits to examine more opportunities that could support our country and benefit our citizens.”

He added: “Lebanon has always had a thriving technology sector given its highly educated and talented people who have considerable potential and are at the core of all the technological advancements that the country has witnessed in the last few years.”

Itani also thanked CEO Today for their continuous efforts to highlight success stories around the world but also in the Middle East; a region that is constantly showing resilience and is making tremendous leaps in terms of innovations.

Editor-in-chief, Mark Palmer, commented: “At CEO Today, we feel honored to be able to celebrate the leaders that work tirelessly to ensure that their companies are at the top of their game, providing ground-breaking products and innovative solutions for customers across the Middle East.”

Itani was featured in the special Winners Edition where he discussed the company’s role in driving the digital transformation in Lebanon and the region, the contribution of the technology sector and its impact on the Lebanese economy, and the importance of investing in the knowledge economy, among other topics.

Now in its 3rd year, the CEO Today Magazine Middle East Awards are designed to identify and celebrate the achievements of dynamic people and businesses within the Middle East.

The awards have been developed to celebrate the leaders, innovators and rising stars within business and the achievements and successes of the best and brightest business leaders and the organisations at their helm.

The recognition program was open to all companies operating within the Middle East.

About Hisham Itani

Hisham Itani is the Chairman and CEO of Resource Group, a technology investment group with a portfolio of diversified businesses that capitalize on technology and human talent for value creation.

Itani was born in 1972 and holds a Bachelor’s degree and a Master’s degree in Business Administration from the American University of Beirut (AUB). He started his professional career in his family printing business at an early age. From the onset, he ventured into new technologies ahead of demand and invested in R&D to create leading-edge solutions that compete on the international scene.

In a short matter of time, Itani took the security printing business to another level and expanded into different technology verticals including digital security, smart card manufacturing, mobile value-added solutions, cybersecurity and secure communication solutions, telecom infrastructure and managed services, elections supply chain services, lottery systems and operations, mobile and virtual reality games, among others.

Itani’s adoption of technology has had a constructive and tangible impact on government automation and citizen experience in Lebanon. His career path brings a fresh perspective to the entrepreneurship ecosystem. Today, the portfolio of companies he has established is serving over 50 countries in more than ten industries.

About Resource Group

Resource Group is an investment group with a portfolio of diversified businesses that capitalize on technology and human talent for value creation.

As a business incubator, Resource Group turns risk into opportunity by fostering creative talents, innovative solutions and a culture of entrepreneurship.

The diversification of the Group’s activities is achieved through incubations, acquisitions or partnerships. Business units are typically managed under the group umbrella for synergy, with a mindset to develop internal technical capabilities, expand regionally and associate with world-class multinational vendors.

Resource Group’s main technology investments currently include Inkript, Serta, Inmobiles, Intersektion and Game Cooks, among others.

About the CEO Today Middle East Awards

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