4 fun things you can do with the 48 MP AI triple camera of the new HUAWEI Y7p

So, you got your hands on the all-new HUAWEI Y7p and you are excited to see what exactly you can do with the 48MP AI Triple camera. Stumped for ideas? Let us help. Here are 4 fun things you can do. We hope this helps.

First of all you need to know what you are working with. The HUAWEI Y7p comes with an AI powered triple camera setup that consists of a 48MP main camera for shooting in high resolution, an 8MP Super Wide Angle camera for scenic landscape shots and wide-angle video and a 2MP Depth Assist camera for depth of field effects. Now let’s get to what you can do with it.

  1. Simply point and click at anything
    Sure, this might be quite obvious at a glance, but we have to talk about how easy it is to take some truly gorgeous pictures and videos with the HUAWEI Y7p. First of all, great camera hardware and software and secondly super-smart AI that does all the complicated work for you! Sure you can swipe to the “Pro” mode, adjust all the settings yourself, but who has the time?! Simply point and click, and watch all the hardware work together with the powerful AI, which also recognizes the scenes like blue sky, food, plants or even fireworks and adjusts the settings accordingly, and then revel in the glory of your masterpiece.

    You can even do the same with the selfie camera up front. Thanks to AI scene recognition and enhanced AI beautification, all you have to do is simply pose and click and your perfect selfie is ready to be posted.

  2. Head out for some night-time photography
    Low-light can often be intimidating for any budding photographer, but with the HUAWEI Y7p you actually don’t have to worry. With the help of AI algorithms and stabilization, the on-board Night Mode ensures that you can take pictures of the night sky or city skylines without being concerned about the lack of light.
  3. Go Wide, Super-Wide
    While most smartphones do support wide-angle photography, the HUAWEI Y7p steps it up a notch and goes super-wide with a 120 degree field of view, which means you can go 53.8% wider. Simply put, you can now fit the entire city skyline, or get even more of the beautiful colors in the sky during a sunset. You can also use this for videos, which means you can now record your favorite sporting event in one full frame without having to zoom in or out every time.

  4. Don’t be shy to get creative
    When you are shooting a video, the more creative, the better. With the HUAWEI Y7p, you can shoot at 480fps, slowing down the video to 1/16th the actual speed, which lets you capture every single detail. Meanwhile with photos, you can switch to Wide Aperture Mode, which uses the 48MP main camera and 2MP Depth Assist Camera for some beautiful photos with blurred and shallow depth of field effects.

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