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Lebanon Has Run Out of Time

Lebanon Has Run Out of Time

LIFE is alarmed by the lack of any meaningful progress towards economic reform in Lebanon.  This policy paralysis is especially disconcerting in the face of a clear acceleration in the economic and financial meltdown and the faltering negotiations with the IMF.  As a result, LIFE renews its calls for all stakeholders, including the government, the

LIFE’s Response to the Government of Lebanon’s Decision to Seek Financial Assistance from the IMF and its updated Financial Recovery Plan

LIFE welcomes the decision of the Government of Lebanon to start negotiations with the International Monetary Fund (“IMF”) in order to obtain a rescue package.  LIFE is also pleased with changes made to the final version of the government’s “Financial Recovery Plan” (the “Plan”), some of which were advocated by LIFE in our recent paper

Endeavor Lebanon and LIFE leverage the Lebanese diaspora to support high-impact entrepreneurs

Beirut, 27 December, 2019: In a joint effort to enhance the business opportunities between high-impact entrepreneurs and Lebanese investors and strengthen the ties between the local entrepreneurial community and the network of Lebanese business diaspora, Endeavor Lebanon and Lebanese International Finance Executives (LIFE) organized a speed mentoring session targeting 15 high-growth companies. The initiative seeks

Lebanese International Finance Executives (“LIFE”) officials expressing concern over the rapidly deteriorating financial situation in Lebanon

Lebanese International Finance Executives (“LIFE”) has been closely monitoring the financial situation in Lebanon and is gravely concerned by its accelerating deterioration. Absent the formation of a new government that will ensure the quick implementation of a credible stabilisation plan with the support of the international community, Lebanon is entering a prolonged period of substantial

It is time to save Lebanon

October 2019 As protestors take to the streets across the country, Lebanon appears to be heading towards an economic meltdown with severe consequences for Lebanese citizens of all walks of life. We are concerned that failure to tackle current problems immediately and comprehensively could result in spiraling unemployment, uncontrollable inflation, more social unrest, civil strife and a