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Self-Driving Taxi Concept Wins ‘New Designers’ Ford Award

Self-Driving Taxi Concept Wins ‘New Designers’ Ford Award

DUBAI, UAE, September 21, 2020 – The COVID-19 crisis has presented new challenges for mobility, with social distancing impacting public transportation, the flow of traffic being affected by more deliveries, and increasing concerns regarding personal health and well-being.   Now, a transport design graduate from Staffordshire University, in the U.K., has developed a unique solution that could

Ford Employee Donation Match Program Contributes More than $1 million to COVID-19 Relief Worldwide

Ford Motor Company Fund’s COVID-19 Donation Match program helps 47 community organisations in 20 countries and 14 U.S. states Program surpassed its goal of $1 million, raising more than $633,000 in individual contributions that were matched by $500,000 from the Ford Fund – the philanthropic arm of Ford – and personal contributions from Executive Chairman

In for the long haul: Ford Ranger achieves more than 1,250 km on a single tank of diesel

DUBAI, UAE, August 19, 2020 – While the workhorse 2020 Ford Ranger XLS continues to impress road test editors in the Middle East with its refinement, capability and versatility – Ford’s midsize truck has an additional trick up its sleeve: it’s also extremely fuel-efficient. Ford demonstrated just how efficient the truck can be when it handed the

No Bones About It: Ford Experiments with Four-Legged Robots, to Scout Factories, Saving Time, Money

Ford is tapping four-legged robots at its Van Dyke Transmission Plant in early August to laser scan the plant, helping engineers update the original computer-aided design  These robots can be deployed into tough-to-reach areas within the plant to scan the area with laser scanners and high-definition cameras, collecting data used to retool plants, saving Ford

Ford Conservation and Environmental Grants Award $50,000 To Worthy MENA Projects in 20th Edition of Philanthropic Programme

Three Egyptian, two Jordanian, and one Moroccan project shared the prize pool for projects relating to the natural environment, conservation engineering, environmental education, and a new special category of Beating Air Pollution Entries were accepted from ongoing and not-for-profit projects from Algeria, Bahrain, Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Morocco, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Tunisia, and Yemen

Ford’s Car Hacks: All You Need to Know About Caring for Your Car’s Battery – And What You Need to Do When Your Car Won’t Start

DUBAI, UAE. October 13, 2019 – A healthy battery is one of the many key components to proper vehicle operation. It helps start the engine and helps keep the electronics running. It also lets you charge your phone and play your music – even when the engine is off. As you might expect, automotive batteries gradually

Ford Car Hacks for Expectant Mothers: Staying Safe on the Road to Motherhood

DUBAI, UAE, October 02, 2019 – Your journey to parenthood is an exciting time that requires much preparation, and also includes staying safe on the road. During pregnancy, mothers-to-be need to continuously make in-vehicle adjustments to ensure optimal positioning and safety while driving. To help engineers better understand the needs of expectant mothers, Ford Motor

Ford Performance to Extend Production of All-new Ford GT Supercar an Additional Two Years

Ford Performance will offer the all-new Ford GT for two additional production years, bringing the production commitment of the carbon fiber supercar to a total of four years Potential customers who already applied to purchase Ford GT will only need to update their request when the next application window reopens in early 2018 Additional production