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Banque BEMO launches “Back to our Cedar Roots” Initiative

Banque BEMO launches “Back to our Cedar Roots” Initiative

This initiative consists of offering a number of newly planted Cedar trees in favor of persons of Lebanese origin living abroad. If we were to plant a Cedar for every single one of them, all Lebanon and perhaps a large part of the Middle East would be covered by Cedars. For this first year, we

Banque BEMO believes in the Lebanese Industry

Beirut, November 20, 2020: The Lebanese industry is an important driver of the economy despite being impacted by the growing pressures Lebanon is facing. In this context, Banque BEMO launches the “Industrial Excellence Award”, in partnership with the Faculty of Business Administration and Management (FGM) at Saint Joseph University (USJ), striving to instill in the

Banque BEMO believes in Lebanon

Beirut, August 06, 2020: As we are all mourning our beloved ones, our injured, our emotionally scarred, our lost properties, it is not the time to renounce and lose hope. We, BEMO, offer our condolences and our compassion to all Lebanese sharing all your grieves. But we should never give up. As BEMO, we will

Banque BEMO revives its “Mediation Initiative”

Beirut, May 21, 2020: With the growing pressure Lebanon is facing amidst the health, social and economic crises, conflicts and differences have become more frequent and greater in intensity. Striving to help alleviate burdens that have a high impact on the community by peacefully resolving disputes through specialized communication and negotiation techniques, Banque BEMO is

Banque BEMO launches the “Digital Internship” Program

Beirut, April 14, 2020: In a step aiming at preparing for the future, facilitating youth work integration and providing additional income for deserving students, Banque BEMO is launching the “Digital Internship” program, to assist university students in completing their educational curriculum requirement. Banque BEMO has always been keen on enthusing young adults and students to

Banque BEMO unveils “MILLA”

A large scale mural painting taking the Lebanese to a “Voyage” of a lifetime Beirut, October 4, 2019: In a one-of-a-kind initiative aligned with its policy in supporting art, Banque BEMO unveiled the large scale mural painting entitled “MILLA” in Achrafieh, Sassine on October 3, 2019. In collaboration with Art of Change, an organization committed

CMC Automotive SIF Century Motor Company – Hyundai Lebanon first securitization transaction

Beirut, December 26, 2014: BSEC – Bemo Securitisation SAL and Fransa Invest Bank SAL (co-placement agent) are pleased to announce the closing of CMC Automotive SIF, Century Motor Company’s first securitization transaction and the first securitization for a Korean brand automobile dealer in the Lebanese market. BSEC has launched and co-placed with Fransa Invest Bank