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Beirut explosion – one month later Animals Lebanon

Beirut explosion – one month later Animals Lebanon

Today marks the one-month anniversary of the devastating Beirut explosion. More than 190 died, 7,000 injured, 300,000 homeless, and billions of dollars of damage. Beirut is a disaster zone. I am proud to say that our team and more than 300 volunteers have worked round the clock every single day to help every animal affected by the

HELP! Major Explosion rocks Beirut!

At 6:00 pm yesterday afternoon a major explosion at the port rocked all of Beirut. Initial reports of over 100 dead and 4,000 injured. Beirut has been declared a disaster city. Entire buildings and homes were destroyed, and significant damage throughout the whole city. What happened is absolutely shocking. Our hearts go out to everyone.Animals Lebanon’s office was damaged and


Celebrate the most mythical night of 2019 with Animals Lebanon on 19 June. Join us to party for an amazing cause at O by Michel Fadel – Beirut’s most impressive new nightlife entertainment club!  We will take you under the sea to the mythical land of Atlantis. Artists, performers and everyone’s favorite DJ Rodge will