Red Bull Cliff Diving Athletes Ready for a New Adventure in Beirut

The Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series is coming to Beirut for the first time, as Raouche gets ready to host the 5th stop of the season on July 14. The athletes will be diving off the Pigeon Rocks from 27-meter-high platforms straight into the waters, attaining speeds of 85km/h.

The 24 athletes will start arriving to Beirut on Wednesday, July 10 as they get ready for their training day on July 12 where they will dive from lower height platforms placed on the bay facing the Raouche Rocks. The first two rounds of the competition considered as the qualifying rounds will take place on July 13. The athletes will dive off straight from the Raouche (without a platform) from the side facing the smaller rock – on that day, you can witness the show from the Corniche.

The official competition day of the Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series is on July 14 where the athletes will dive from 21 and 27-meter-high platforms, looking over the Raouche Bay or the “Dalieh”. The public is welcome to watch the show from the Corniche and the Dalieh as screens are placed for better visibility. Tickets for a special public area will also be available at the door on the day of the event.

Watch this video to find out more about the competition as the athletes get ready for Beirut:

Will anyone be able to dethrone Gary Hunt and Rhiannan Iffland?

Great Britain’s Gary Hunt clenched yet another victory at the Azores last week. Hunt still dominates the standings after 4 of the 7 stops, with a crushing total of 600 points. The battle is close for both Andy Jones and Jonathan Paredes who will be fighting for the 2nd place spot as they follow behind Gary with 350 points to their names.

Australian sensation Rhiannan Iffland was still in incredible shape as she won her third title of the season in the Azores last week. After 4 stops, Rhiannan has a firm grip on the first spot as she leads the way with 600 points. Richard is the 2nd place spot with 370 points, closely followed by Macaulay with 360 points.

The Clean Cliffs project

The Clean Cliffs project is an environmental initiative, launched by Red Bull Cliff Diving athletes, Ellie Smart and Owen Weymouth. The project’s focus is to shed light on the world’s plastic problem. The Clean Cliffs project is going on the route of Red Bull Cliff Diving for the first time this year. The aim is to show how each one of us can change and care about the world through the art of cliff diving, as the divers respect the planet that offers them a playground for their pure and natural sport.

During their Beirut stop, The Clean Cliffs Project are joining local NGO – Live Love Volunteer – on their beach cleanups dedicated for the Raouche area on July 6 and 11. Local volunteers will participate in the first clean up on July 6 and will later be joined by The Clean Cliffs Project team and Red Bull Cliff Diving athletes on July 11. If you are looking to join, you can register here: 

In addition to their activities with Live Love Volunteer, The Clean Cliffs Project team, along with International adventurer Jackson Groves, will explore the beautiful sites of Lebanon as they plan for some clean ups outside of Beirut in locations such as: Baatara Gorge and Chouwein River. Stay tuned for all of their activities on Instagram @cleancliffsproject.


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