Toward vitalizing collaborative economic thinking in the Middle East and North Africa Executive Magazine and FNF MENA sign memorandum of understanding

Comprehensive efforts for the development and advocacy for economic reforms in the MENA region are being driven by a first-of-its-kind cooperation between Executive Magazine and the Regional Office Middle East and North Africa of Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom (FNF MENA). 

On May 21, Executive Magazine and FNF MENA agreed to launch their cooperation by signing a memorandum of understanding (MoU) on the Mediterranean Economic Roadmap (MER) project. 

The MER initiative is an ongoing process of research, action, and advocacy. The roadmap aims to identify what to combat, what to support, and what to improve in the Euro-MENA region. The first report will be published by the end of 2020 and will provide seed content for an interactive platform to be developed within the coming years.

With this project, both organizations are seeking to redirect the discourse on economic development and progress, and promote economic inclusiveness in the Mediterranean area. For the year 2020, the study will focus on four North African countries: Tunisia, Egypt, Algeria, and Morocco. 

Executive Magazine is committed to delivering quality and critical journalism to address pressing issues in the MENA region. The magazine is an English language monthly that covers trans-regional socioeconomic and policy developments. 

Dirk Kunze, regional director of FNF MENA, expressed his enthusiasm about this initiative saying that it feeds into the foundation’s overarching strategic mission to promote regional cooperation. Kunze added that, “Formalizing the partnership is an opportunity for both organizations to think together on a long-term plan to further explore the potentials of this project.” 

Yasser Akkaoui, editor-in-chief of Executive Magazine, expressed his commitment to the partnership and the timely and purposeful initiative. Akkaoui added, “This partnership will enable much-needed collaborative cooperation among stakeholders with the objective of finding alternative solutions to socioeconomic challenges in the face of an ever changing Euro-MENA landscape.”

To know more about the project, follow Executive Magazine (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn) and FNF MENA (Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram) on their social media channels. 

About the Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom

The Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom is a creative platform for innovation, with the aim of enhancing the popularity of liberalism. As a German non-governmental institution, we work with our partners in the region of Middle East and North Africa, to support the strengthening of rule of law, social market economy, democratic institutions, and the participation of civil society.

About Executive Magazine

Executive is an English language monthly business and policy magazine published in Beirut, Lebanon. For the last twenty years, Executive has been engaging with and conducting comprehensive research, analysis, and advocacy on economic and financial matters across the Middle East and North Africa (MENA). We have also been seeking to effect change in policies, laws, and regulations that impact people’s livelihood and ensuring, to the best of our abilities, that decisions are followed by implementation.

For further inquiry contact Yara Asmar, FNF Regional Strategy Manager, email: [email protected], Phone #: +961 70214186

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