StriveME Provides Unique Automotive and Lifestyle Content in MENA

  • Enhancing consumer journeys from a lifestyle perspective in the automotive industry
  • Lifestyle needs trigger the decision to invest in a new vehicle
  • 62% are influenced by their inner circle when making a car purchase

Dubai / August 2020 – StriveME, a premium platform linking lifestyle to automotive needs, has launched its tailormade digital journey, catering to the general public seeking to make a car purchase or those who are only in the consideration phase. The startup targets the digitally connected population by stepping outside the linear purchase boundaries and capturing audience’s attention from a lifestyle perspective, and not just the core automotive and technical side the consumer has been familiar with.

“Today’s auto shoppers are digitally savvy and visit the dealership less, relying instead on online research, mobile, and video to stay informed and make decisions. When they do walk into the dealership, the modern auto shopper is armed with a staggering array of information, and this is where StriveME serves the purpose,” explains Samah Safa, Managing Director and Co-Founder of StriveME.

Around 92% of car buyers research online before buying and most of them research the lifestyle fit of the vehicle. provides this information under the umbrella of four content pillars targeting the aspirational, the auto curious, the woman, and the trend conscious.

New car buyers have many options so it is critical to be there throughout the research process in order to get a spot on the short list. The content of the platform includes coverage of events, test drives, reviews, stories in the form of videos pertaining to the latest news and updates. It is a one-stop shop to learn about any vehicle and how it fits into one’s lifestyle the most. It ranges from the best cars and vehicles for families, pets, transportation, city commute, road trips, and many more…

On the platform itself, users have access to a StriveME TV section which showcases different episodes filmed to serve the Arab consumer. It is linked to a Youtube Channel which pertains to various interviews with common users, celebrities, lifestyle influencers, and test drives.

StriveME, an affiliate of the leading sports portal in MENA,, is creating an automotive community built on consumer insights and behavior, while serving the Middle East and North African region. The startup is always on the look for new endeavors within the industry and plans to expand its offering when it comes to technology and digitization.

“We see a great potential in Strive ME’s unique concept. Despite the fact that it is a digital automotive platform, it tackles a unique lifestyle angle, satisfying the needs of a sophisticated audience. It is diversified and also caters to women who are interested in making a vehicle purchase,” commented Mustapha Mohamed, COO of Karmic Consultancy, the operating and managing company of