Infographic: Almost a Third Would Purchase a Hydrogen Vehicle, Stock Market Convinced of H2’s Potential

About 30% of Germans would purchase a hydrogen vehicle at an affordable price. For men this figure is even higher at 38%. This is the result of a new infographic from It also shows that stock market experts are also convinced of the technology: Almost 4 in 5 believe that hydrogen is the technology of the future.

As the infographic indicates, demand is also rising alongside popularity. More and more people are searching for “hydrogen” and “hydrogen shares” on Google. In June of this year the relative search volume reached its highest level so far. With the Google Trend Score standing at 100, never before have so many people searched for these search terms.

Meanwhile, Germany is undisputedly in first place in Europe in terms of hydrogen filling stations. There are currently 85 of these filling stations in operation, an increase of 325% since 2016. Denmark comes in second place, with just 6 stations in operation.

Hydrogen shares are also among the big winners of the hour on the stock exchange. The market value of ITM Power has increased by 467.5% over the last year. Nel, PowerCell and Ballard have also posted gains of over 150%. In the same period, indices such as the Dow Jones and DAX have risen by just 6.5% and 4.8% respectively.

“Despite a recent correction, hydrogen stocks are still very popular,” according to Kryptoszene analyst Raphael Lulay. “The rally is being driven not least by private investors, with political support for the technology also playing a role”.