Candle of Hope By Dr Burgener Switzerland

Help Lebanon recover from the disaster that hit Beirut and rebuild their city.

This hand-made candle is a unique creation. Dr Burgener Switzerland supports through this candle humanitarian projects around the world.The profits generated by the proceeds of this candle will be donated to the selected association


Because the distance from our country gives us the strength to mobilize the help of our friends, our partners, our collaborators who watched with horror Beirut burst into flames.

It is with a lot of heart, compassion and love for our beloved Lebanon that we will give you our unconditional support to give food and build a roof to those who have lost everything.

Dr Burgener Switzerland joins the SWISS SOLIDARITY (LA CHAINE DU BONHEUR) association to raise funds through its site and dinner which will be dedicated to Beirut.

Dr Burgener Switzerland also joins PRINCESS MARATHON in raising solidarity by running, so that each stride is one more step in building Beirut. We will all run from August 5 to 12 to bring back a smile to a Lebanon that has lost it.

We will always be there so that the world does not forget us.

Dr. Pauline Burgener  
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