AGBU Lebanon Mobilizes Effort to Prevent Food Insecurity by Reaching out to 750 Lebanon Armenian Families on A Monthly Basis

In their singular act of kindness, the longtime AGBU benefactors addressed Lebanon’s most complex challenges. The humanitarian initiative will maintain the Lebanese Armenian community’s wellbeing during these unprecedented times.

The AGBU food package distribution program began in Lebanon, due to the evisceration of its economy earlier in the year. As Armenians began to experience restrictions on cash access and faced unemployment or business shortfalls, AGBU Lebanon took action, establishing a process for addressing the growing food shortages efficiently and equitably.

The program, that started with 100 families in January 2020, now targets 750 Armenian families all across Lebanon (Zahle, Beirut, Mount Lebanon), was made possible in Lebanon with the gracious donation of the community’s donors and benefactors and particularly Mr. and Mrs. Vatche and Tamar Manoukians.

Gerard Tufenkjian, the president of AGBU Lebanon, recounted, “We had a head start in ascertaining the priorities and needs of the people, and figuring out the logistics down to what types of contents to include in each aid package, from nourishing staples, cleaning and hygiene supplies. Many of our recipients who never thought they would need such assistance were grateful for the extra help.”

From the Middle East, Armenia and Australia to North and South America, AGBU, the Armenian General Benevolent Union is working both at the strategic level and among local chapters, to ensure that individuals and families are receiving the nourishing food and other vital necessities to remain strong and resilient during and post Pandemic.