The rise of ecommerce in Lebanon during the COVID-19 crisis

Not long ago, opening an ecommerce site for SMEs in Lebanon was a big headache for business owners. The long arduous road towards selling online was a common problem for businesses looking to move their sales to the world wide web. 

However, with the COVID-19 crisis, struggling businesses, especially the small ones which constitute 95% of companies in Lebanon according to UNDP, had to adapt and find a solution or close down. Hence, the demand for ecommerce solutions skyrocketed. 

Graph from Google Keyword Planner showing the rise of ecommerce solutions demand

During the month of April, a whopping 6,120 users searched for an ecommerce solution in Lebanon. That’s a huge rise from the modest 3,300 recorded just 5 months ago.

And so, with the rise on demand, Lebanese digital agencies started to come up with solutions to meet this new need business owners had. One of those digital agencies, Maze, created an exciting new ecommerce solution worth trying: MEM.  

MEM is a very easy ecommerce platform that allows businesses to create their store and start selling online in a matter of minutes. It will integrate with more than 70 online payment gateway (including Lebanese ones) and shipping companies (including Liban Post). MEM also offers the following features: 

  1. Ability to save favorite products
  2. Putting products on sales
  3. Product variants and options 
  4. Wholesale pricing for products
  5. Inventory management & Tracking
  6. Mobile Application to manage your store
  7. Easy Checkout 
  8. Language Detection – Multi Language control panel & storefront. 
  9. Ability to sell digital goods
  10. Smart Shipping calculator 
  11. Customer Groups 
  12. Advanced Search with Product Filters 

Click here for the full features of MEM 

If you are interested in selling online, we highly suggest attending the webinar titled “Selling Online for Small Businesses”