BeitMisk and Virgin Radio Lebanon are delighted to host the first edition of “The Lebanese Arts & Culture Showcase”, taking place in Misktown, the cultural hub of BeitMisk.

The event will take place on July 2-3-4 and July 9-10-11.

Doors open from 5pm till 10 pm and the event is entrance free.

“The Lebanese Arts & Culture Showcase” is a carefully curated street fair featuring local contemporary artists and talents, designers and artisans, business owners and entrepreneurs to display their passions and local talent from arts, handmade items, accessories and home décor to local drinks & food and entertainment.

Because of the long lockdown due to the Covid19-pandemic and the economic crisis the country is facing, the art scene has been completely overlooked and it has lost the importance it used to hold in Lebanon.  Likewise, entrepreneurs and new small businesses don’t have the same opportunities as in the past or the capacity to open shop and grow their businesses.

The purpose of the event is to support these local businesses, give a platform to new talents, encourage creatives to showcase and promote their work, and to give them the visibility they deserve.

During the lockdown period, we realized that many new passions immerged, creative talents were discovered and new businesses created.

The event will host:

  • More than 40 artists, painters and sculptors displaying their works and talent.
  • 17 Food and beverage stands for drinks, homemade mouneh, Lebanese food and more…
  • More than 30 local businesses ranging from fashion, handmade accessories, artisanal candles, home décor, soaps and creams, and so much more ….

The event will also have a live musical entertainment with musicians playing western and oriental instruments (Oud, Anoun, Guitar, Trumpet…), a kids’ zone for the little ones to enjoy arts and crafts and food and drinks stands for people to enjoy.

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