“Supermarket Employee Day” Spinneys celebrates the occasion for the very first time and commends the efforts of its employees through a short video highlighting their day-to-day life

Beirut- February 23, 2021 – As a token of appreciation for their dedication to service and their continued sacrifice during this difficult year, Spinneys commemorated Supermarket Employee Day on the 22nd of February, and became the first institution to celebrate this special day locally and regionally.

Spinneys expressed gratitude through a short video prepared especially for this occasion, documenting from behind-the-scenes, the daily life of the heroes who stand tirelessly on the front lines, securing the needs of their community, despite all the challenges brought on by the pandemic, form the start of its spread last February, to the ongoing lockdown regulations being witnessed in Lebanon today.

“You are the pillar of the Lebanese society, and your efforts have contributed to maintaining food security,” said Mr. Hassan Ezzeldine, chairman of Spinneys. “We appreciate your commitment and love for your community, your work and your ability to stand by the Lebanese people, who have desperately needed you in these difficult times. We thank you for defying the disease and obstacles in order to ensure that all possible and reasonable needs are met. You are a model for Lebanon, a model of solidarity and partnership, and it’s through people like you that our country can proudly rise again”.

This activity is part of Spinneys’ ongoing activities to express their appreciation to their large family of loyal employees, who are an essential part of their success and their continued efforts to provide the best services to the Lebanese consumer.

Watch the video on https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SnGp4F3hc7Y


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