Spinneys launches an initiative to help rebuild Beirut Hope is reinstated in the hearts of 5 families whose homes and properties were destroyed

Spinneys launches an initiative to help rebuild Beirut

Beirut, Lebanon – 2020: Following the losses that the Beirut blast has left families with, Spinneys decided to launch an initiative for which 4 homes and a shop that were completely damaged by the explosion will be reconstructed and restored.

The homes and shop that were chosen are located in the most affected areas in Beirut, the reconstruction and restoration will cover all damages that were done, from house maintenance to the installation of glass façades, wooden and iron panels, painting the rooms, etc.

In regards to this humanitarian initiative, Ralph Al-Kahi, Chief Marketing Officer at Spinneys, said: “We are here to support our families in Beirut and tell them that we are by their side during this difficult time, hoping that through this initiative we will help healing their wounds and restoring hope in their souls. With our solidarity, we can face this crisis and look forward to a bright future.” He added, “We will continue to work day and night to ensure that these families return safely to their homes.”

Spinneys will unite its efforts to transform this initiative into a national campaign to rebuild Beirut, and help other families whose houses need restoration by encouraging all of their customers to participate and donate any suitable amount while shopping in all Spinneys branches.

Spinneys had also launched a series of initiatives at the start of this tragedy, and distributed around 25 thousand bottles of water to on-ground volunteers. Spinneys also opened its kitchen’s doors in its Beirut Souks branch, for volunteers to use the space to prepare and distribute food to members of the Lebanese Civil defense who were present in the Port of Beirut, and to families who are in need.


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