Spinneys Fights Unemployment and Offers 100 Job Vacancies on Labor Day

Beirut, Lebanon – 2020: In an act of hope for the Lebanese community, who has been struggling with unemployment and the inability to find job opportunities due to the current economic and health conditions, Spinneys announced on the occasion of Labor Day, the availability of 100 new job opportunities in different departments across its various branches.

This initiative is part of a continuous series of CSR activities that Spinneys is launching to support Lebanon, and help improve the living conditions of its citizens. Spinneys announced the first batch of job opportunities in April, to be followed by additional vacancies in May.

Moreover, during the past months of the Coronavirus outbreak in Lebanon, Spinneys worked its best to retain and sustain its employees. Instead, the company provided them with all of the preventive measures and internal instructions necessary to ensure the safety of its customers and staff. As employees are the core of every organization, Spinneys offered its team a monetary bonus in April, as a sign of appreciation for their dedication at work and continuous efforts. They also increased the number of home delivery staff members, to successfully respond to the high demand of products online and adapt to the requirements led by the current situation.

For those who will be hired, Labor Day will be special this year, as they will join the Spinneys family and help provide the best services.

The Lebanese community needs similar ongoing initiatives, to restore hope to the unemployed youth and family leaders who are unable to support their family and secure their vital needs, at a time where the poverty rate is at 55% and unemployment rates have reached 40% due to the successive economic and health crises that the country has witnessed.


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