Sealco-LG Announce “Oh My Gold” campaign winners

Beirut, April 4th 2014– Sealco-LG has brought with its winter campaign, the most valuable gifts you can dream of: Gold giveaways. In this line, the “Oh My Gold” campaign of the world’s leader of digital technologies, and home entertainment technologies, has recently announced a long list of lucky winners. The Promotional Campaign that was kicked off during winter 2013, unveiled a great number of winners of gold gifts with voucher numbers 08321 and 15999 awarded each 250-gram bars of pure gold.

Winning 24k gold ounces are 15 people with voucher numbers 13735, 14265, 13679, 9847, 11338, 06521, 00887, 08892, 12171, 05379, 16767, 16110, 12101, 00845, 12888. Sealco-LG also gave away 21 Gold coins to lucky winners, who are loyal clients holding the voucher numbers 16324, 16036, 16113, 00749, 06354, 01864, 16569, 10993, 09196, 12320, 16468, 10070, 02667, 03945, 06064, 15094, 11056, 02578, 09035, 10519, 09639.

The results of the campaign were announced following a raffle draw held at Sealco-LG brandshop on Thursday February 20 in the presence of Mr. Sean Lee, General Manager of LG Lebanon and of Mr. Ibrahim Abdul Ghani, COO of Sealco.

Praising the campaign’s impact, Mr. Sean Lee General Manager of LG Lebanon, stated, “ Our winter campaign has achieved their goals in providing customers with rewarding experiences with the cooperation of our partner Sealco. With every purchase made, we promise an added value to our loyal customers, and gold was chosen as a gift to show our customers how much we care.”

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