DUBAI (March 12, 2020) – In the realm of bespoke, no limits exist. Each Mouawad Bespoke creation is a unique work of art, brought to life by the House’s masterful prowess in crafting the extraordinary.

Now, with the launch of a new Bespoke section on, Mouawad invites the world to discover more about its heritage of exceptional artistry and passion for crafting the extraordinary exalted in Mouawad’s bespoke creations.

Mouawad Co-guardian Fred Mouawad commented, saying: “Mouawad has a renowned heritage in crafting the extraordinary, with our esteemed clients including royal families and international celebrities. Our Bespoke creations leverage this heritage of delivering exceptional creations crafted from precious metals and gems.”

Mouawad Co-guardian Alain Mouawad said, “Mouawad Bespoke is a process that begins with listening to our clients’ aspirations. We then develop a proposal and work closely from thereon to craft and deliver a unique work of art that surpasses each client’s expectations.”          

Upon delivery of the Mouawad Bespoke creation, the client is presented with a Certificate of Authenticity, giving detailed information on the gems and craftsmanship.

Mouawad Co-guardian Pascal Mouawad commented, “Mouawad has a tradition of procuring large and exceptional diamonds. As with all Mouawad creations, our bespoke pieces are made completely in-house, from the sourcing of gems through to craftsmanship and delivery”.

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