JouéClub Beirut Souks – ReOpening

Like many others, our JouéClub store in Beirut Souks was completely destroyed after the August 4th terrible tragedy.

We had two choices, and one of them wasn’t in our vocabulary as Lebanese! We came to believe and be convinced that the words resistance, persistence and resilience originated from here!

Today, with a heart that still feels heavy following the blast, but in which a sparkle still calls, I genuinely believe that Beirut deserves a happy Christmas, and that JouéClubbers that have been loyal to us since day 1 also deserve a merry Christmas… Having said that, we are glad to re-open our beloved store in Beirut Souks with the objective of spreading the season vibes, and to send a message that we should all put efforts and faith and revive this beautiful city.

The store sends a strong statement. This is our town, our home, our collective memories, our spirit and soul… this is BEIRUT and it is here to stay!

Together, let’s rebuild Beirut.

Wael Sinno – CEO


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