ABC, the first company in the Middle East to be certified safe and clean from APAVE

Since the appearance and spread of the Coronavirus (Covid-19) in Lebanon, ABC has considered customer safety as its utmost priority, so it aimed to implement and adhere to the highest hygiene standards to maintain and ensure the safety of all their customers and employees which allowed their malls to be accredited safe and clean from APAVE.

The following steps were a key factor for ABC to acquire the certification in a commitment of employees and visitors to health and safety standards: checking everyone’s temperature before entering any mall, the mandatory wearing of a face mask, maintaining social distancing guidelines, the daily sterilization and disinfection of malls and all stores, preventing the use of elevators for more than 3 people at the same time, posting various banners around the malls in the aim to raise awareness about all safety procedures.

Commenting on ABC receiving this certification, Chairman and CEO of ABC, Mr. Habib Fadel, declared: “I am extremely happy and proud that ABC is the first company in the Middle East to acquire this certification, since the safety of our customers and employees is our main priority”.

From his side, Mr. Nassib Nasr, General Manager of APAVE in Lebanon, said that the company has checked and confirmed that all safety and hygiene procedures were applied in all ABC Malls, which qualified them to be pioneers in obtaining the certification. APAVE has worked hand in hand with ABC since the beginning of the spread of the virus.

Finally, the safety of visitors, employees and tenants remains one of ABC’s main priorities, so all safety and hygiene standards are being applied to provide customers with peace of mind and reassurance during their visit to all of their malls.


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