Saturday June 30th at 6pm in Byblos Old Souk, next to the Crusader Castle

Surrounded by our friends and fellow producers, we would love to introduce you to them whilst you enjoy a freshly-pressed juice and a healthy bite, Tarot reading, live mushroom cooking, Magic for young and old alike and much more!

With a focus on traditional agricultural and craft products, there are delicious herbs and spices, fruit and vegetables, juices, wines and jams as well as pottery and basketry for sale.

Involving around 30 local stall holders, farmers and producers, the market supports direct contact with consumers, helping to develop the concept and principles of fair trade.

Additionally, the VIA APPIA BYBLOS association provides participants with the equipment required (tents, stalls and tables) and gives access to microcredit adapted to their needs. Looking forward to welcoming you on Saturday June 30th at the market!

For more information, contact 09 943023