Havas Paris has won the tender to work with the COFREX (French Exhibition Company) to enhance its Influence strategy for the French Pavilion at the Expo 2020 Dubai. COFREX has jointly engaged Havas Paris and Havas Dubai to develop and implement its PR and influencer strategy to promote for two and a half years, France’s national ambitions at this global event.

Havas Paris’ mission started in December 2018 and the first major event will be the January 2019 unveiling of the pavilion’s selected design by the COFREX for France. Several projects will follow on from this, including the launch of the “Light, Lights” (Lumière, Lumières) theme featured by the Pavilion throughout this new edition, highlighting construction milestones and finally rolling out the PR and e-PR campaigns on site in Dubai during the Expo’s six-month period.

This is an opportunity for Havas Paris and the Havas Worldwide PR network to promote France’s practical, uncompromising commitment to environmental change. In order to achieve this, Havas will feature every aspect of this change, including economic, environmental and cultural aspects.

For optimum results, Havas Paris and Havas Dubai are assembling a team of a dozen press relations and social media and influencers experts in both France and Dubai.

Havas Paris CEO Julien Carette said: “We are particularly proud of this new project, which will spread the word about France’s strengths at the Expo 2020, one of the most famous global events. combine all our areas of expertise – advisory, PR, influence, media, e-media and content production – to meet the French Pavilion’s deep and diverse communication topics”.

This collaboration with Havas represents a big step forward for the COFREX and its chairman Erik Linquier in their determination to showcase France’s participation at the Dubai Expo 2020. Before, during, after and around the event, the COFREX shall build and uphold the best possible reputation of the French pavilion among all audiences so as to ensure France comes away from the Expo with its image enhanced.

Prized by the general public as well as the profesionals, the 2020 Expo is a major challenge and opportunity for France. It will take place in Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE), from October 20, 2020 to April 10, 2021 under the banner  of “Connecting minds, Creating the future” and will be divided into three themes: sustainability, opportunity and mobility. Over 25 million visitors are expected to attend and just under 180 countries will be represented.

This big international get-togther will be the opportunity for France to showcase its innovations and promote its industrial and tech expertise, as well as to share its ambition on the future focusing on smart cities, uban and regional digital evolution, while staying true to One Planet Summit climate goals.

The French Pavilion project objective will be to highlight France’s heritage, its rich human landscape, philosophy, arts, culture, entreprenarial thinking, technlogic and scientific progress, while contributing to enhance France’s attractivness in the Tourisme and Industrial fields.