GS has made an exciting announcement revealing the opening of their latest store in ABC Verdun. No stranger to taking risks, GS has always taken bold decisions and paved the way for better days ahead.

An icon in the Lebanese retail industry, GS has been standing tall for 45 years now. As the trends, needs and market changed, GS continued to stay one step ahead, always striving to perfect the shopping experience.

Commenting on the occasion, Mr. Jamil Rayess, General Manager of HST Co stated: “Remaining relevant and being a leader in the retail industry for 45 years is not a coincidence; it is by taking risks, being bold and constantly innovating. Expanding in such difficult times is what some people might classify as daring, but I call it a necessity. It is only by investing in a better future that we can achieve it. Today we announce the launch of ABC Verdun, but there are more announcements on the way.”

Always looking to better serve customers, GS has designed the store in contemporary international style. By creating a timeless and elegant space they have totally transformed the standard retail environment to a highly sophisticated shopping experience.

The new GS store at ABC Verdun is tailor-made to adapt to each department, although they are all located in one space and have the same overall aesthetic. To create the differentiation effect, simple and precious materials were used side by side and selected based on the merchandise displayed, whether it’s casual or dressy, for women, men, kids or home accessories.

The latest GS store at ABC Verdun is the perfect example of the company’s innovative spirit and customer centric approach


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