Gillette Venus Focuses on Creating Confidence and Unleashing a Women’s Inner Goddess

Gillette Venus dispels common shaving myths

Beirut, 19 September 2017: In today’s fast paced world, women are constantly on-the-go looking for quick and effective ways to achieve beauty and style. Gillette Venus offers women an effortless hair removal process that will allow them to achieve soft silky smooth skin and more confidence in a matter of minutes. By continuing to provide hassle-free innovative razor blades, Gillette Venus has become a leading advocate of women feeling comfortable in their skin and unleashing the inner Goddess within them. Casting away the motto that “beauty is pain”, Gillette Venus has given women the opportunity to look and feel beautiful without experiencing any pain or discomfort that is usually associated with the hair removal process.

Gillette Venus believes a woman’s body is her canvas, and therefore it should be treated with optimal care. Keeping that in mind, its blades are designed with protective cushions that surround the three blades, leaving you with hairless smooth skin with one single relaxing stroke. With a passion for understanding women’s diverse shaving preferences and skin, Venus has become a global pioneer, offering a wide selection of products ranging from razor types (refillable, disposable, built-in gel), to bikini trimmers and shaving gels. As a leader in the market, Gillette Venus is committed to the responsibility it has towards offering its customers not only quality products, but more importantly, safe ones as well, ensuring that all it razors and blades are absolutely chemical free.

“Women in Lebanon fully know how to embrace their beauty, with Gillette Venus being readily available in the country, they will be able to do so and achieve long-lasting smooth skin instantly without any pain at the comfort of their homes,” said Lora Saleh, Venus Marketing Manager.

Further wanting to connect with women and better understand their needs, Gillette Venus offers a beauty beginner’s guide with easy hair removal methods, seasonal advice and useful daily skin care and beauty tips that will leave any woman looking divine. An important aspect Gillette Venus aims to raise awareness on, by providing insights from experts and dermatologists, is the myth regarding the negative effects of shaving – such as damaging skin and safety. Claims that using razors for hair removal could cause hair to grow back thicker, darker and faster, thus leaving women with dry skin have created a negative perception around shaving.

“One of the major concerns most women have when using razors is the idea that although shaving is a fast and effective method of hair removal, it will lead to tougher, thicker and darker hair and skin. Through research of our own and independent studies by renowned dermatologist, these old-age myths have been discredited, where in fact shaving proved to have multiple benefits. Gillette Venus seeks to offer the best chemical free hair removal products that provide comfort and would never compromise the integrity and beauty of a women’s skin,” added Lora Saleh.

Both Venus led studies and independent research have debunked the misconceptions surrounding shaving as a hair removal method. In fact, when shaved hair does grow back, it grows with a blunt tip shape and a sharper feel to it unlike an unshaven hair, giving the misconception that the hair is growing thicker and darker. Other misconceptions regarding dryer and darker skin as a result of shaving have been dispelled as studies have proven that hair removal with a razor can actually help the skin rejuvenate, gently exfoliating it and remove the top layer of dead skin cells, leaving women with an even smoother look and feel. Furthermore the lack of using any chemicals or harmful elements that may damage a women’s skin is a testament to Gillette Venus’ obligation towards providing women with a safe, efficient, painless and easy method of taking care of their hair removal needs that causes no negative alteration to their skin.

In order to have silky smooth results, Venus experts recommend women to use razors specifically designed for their gender, moisture-rich shaving gels, replace razor blades at first sign of dullness, hydrate the hair for two to three minutes prior to shaving, and to go against the hair growth direction in order to ensure a more effortless, comfortable and smoother result, fit for a Goddess.