Creditbank and Visa launch the new mobile payment app: Creditbank Pay

On October 5, 2018, Creditbank launched the Creditbank Pay App, the latest innovative banking solutions and mobile payment methods, in a special event hosted by Creditbank Chairman and General Manager Mr. Tarek Khalifé, in the presence of VISA Middle-East Managing Director Mr. Nabil Tabbara, and CSC s.a.l. Group Board Chairman and Managing Director Mr. Marwan Kadoura, as well as a number of leading industry figures and attendees.

With the launch of this new mobile app, each Visa Cardholder can now make payments from his or her android smartphone directly, and enjoy a same seamless experience in an easy, fast and highly secure manner.

In this context, Mr. Tarek Khalifé stated: “This is not the first time we witness such collaboration between Creditbank, Visa and CSC, which reflects a shared vision and strong commitment to providing state-of-the-art banking solutions that meet our customer expectations. “There is an urgent need for speed, convenience and security in banking services, which has led to the creation of a range of unprecedented digital solutions that contribute to the confidence our customers place in us,” he continued. “The launch of this innovative service, with all the high standards and unique features we are accustomed to providing, makes us proud. The thousand-mile journey of Creditbank, Visa and CSC, on which every step has been an achievement in itself, has truly demonstrated our shared vision.”

From his side, Mr. Nabil Tabbara stressed, “It is our pleasure to work with Creditbank on the launch of the digital payment platform based on the Visa Token Service and integrated security technology. This advanced technology allows to translate the payment card data, including its 16-digit number, into digital information known as ‘Token’. This occasion marks the culmination of the strategic relationship with Creditbank that we are always proud of, and which enables us to provide exceptional products and solutions to Visa cardholders. This new technology, characterized by the security and ease of use typical of Visa’s services, aims at expanding the Lebanese digital payment base by encouraging customers to use their mobile phones for point-of-sale (POS) payments of for all transactions even small ones, thereby contributing to financial inclusion.”

The launch of the Creditbank Pay app reaffirms once again that excellence and customer centricity are at the heart of Creditbank’s vision, along with the re-engineering of its branches, services and technological advances.