Alfa launches new initiative in support of SOS Children’s Villages aiming to develop the association’ssewing and embroidery production

Beirut – Lebanon on February 26th, 2015: In a press conference held today at the Press Club, Alfa, managed by Orascom Telecom, launched a new initiative in support of SOS Children’s Villagesthat includes securing financial support and the necessary equipment for the development of the association’s sewing and embroideryworkshop. This initiative is part of the “Alfa-4-Life” CSR program and Alfa’sinitiatives in support ofpromoting and supporting the presence of Lebanese women in society.


Alfa Chief Communication Affairs Officer, Mrs. Aline Karam declared that this step comes in the context of Alfa’s ongoing cooperation with SOS Children’s Villages since the launch of the Alfa CSR program, adding that“Alfa will secure the necessary equipment for the development of the workshop’s activities to help the association produce a full and sophisticated range of sewing and embroidery products that are morecompetitivein the local market.”She announced that “we will achieve several targets through this step, namely to secure permanent income for the association through developing the existing potentialand building on it.This is in addition to supporting and strengthening the role of Lebanese women and securing employment opportunities for them, especially SOS mothers who play a noble role in the community, as well as strengthening the sector of Lebanese craft products and preventing its extinction.”


‎TheNational Director of SOS Children’s Villages Lebanon, Mrs. Viviane Zeidan, commended the cooperation between SOS Children’s Villages and Alfa as part of the Alfa-4-Life CSR program, which is apioneer in providing support to civil society, noting that “Alfa is a leading company in the field of social responsibility and its experience in this area is a true example for others.” She thanked Alfa for its support “that turned this project into reality.” Zeidan added,“A Chinese proverb says: Teaching someone how to fish is better than giving them fish.” This wisdom is the best description of this partnership. The aim of our project is to enable the ladies to strengthen their family’scapacitiesby teaching themnew skills that will highlight their creativity and help them reacheconomic and financial autonomywith dignity and self-respect.” She concluded: “Thanks to this partnership, 2,000 children who are cared for by their motherswill benefit from our program strengtheningfamily capacities. Thank you Alfa!”



Then thePresident of the Graphic Designers Union in Lebanon, Rita Moukarzel,talked about the strategyand graphic and marketing plan for the development of the workshop activities and production,as well as the relevant steps that will be followed in that context.

The coming months will witness the production of a full range of handcrafted products for all occasionsto be displayed and sold.The profits will go directly to SOS Children’s Villages.

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