“Adyar, the Wine of the Monasteries” Documentary clenches Best Promotional Film Award at World renowned Wine Film Festival ‘Oenovideo’ Paris

ADYAR, the wine of Monasteries in the Lebanese Maronite Order and the pioneer organic winemaker in Lebanon was awarded the Best Promotional Film Award at the world acclaimed and very prestigious Wine and Grape Film Festival – Oenovideo running in its 25th edition.

The trophy was delivered in Paris in October 2018, in a high-profile ceremony held at the French Senate House. The event was attended by numerous French personalities, as well as an impressive delegation from Lebanon including ADYAR’s Executive Director and Oenologist Mrs. Rita El Khoury and Mr. Frédéric Cacchia respectively, the Lebanese Maronite Order representative in Paris, Rev. Father Fadi Kmeid, as well as Clémentine CEO Mrs. Claudine Aoun Roukoz, Noise PR Firm General Manager Mr. Georges Najm, Talos Productions’ Director Mr. Fady Haddad and M. Ziad Taan, representing the Ambassador of Lebanon in France.

The Highly regarded accolade was confirmed to be won by ADYAR at the festival’s screenings by Oenovideo organizers held previously (on July 1st 2018) in Epernay (Champagne Region, France) where it was competing with more than 120 films from 19 countries.

The award-winning movie of ADYAR was a product of a Lebanese creative team effort led by Noise PR Firm and Clémentine Advertising Agency and produced by Talos Productions. It showcases the image of the wine brand, as well as the impressive history of organic wine-making in different terroirs in the country as well as the heritage of the monasteries of the Lebanese Maronite Order all over Lebanon. It garnered the acclaim of Oenovideo jury members for presenting a new approach. In fact, the Vice-President of the Jury Denis Saverot said: “The entire Oneovideo Jury loved the challenge of the monasteries of the Lebanese Maronite Order grouped together to make wine. Commitment, research for quality, spirituality, and openness to the world, this is a film that will leave no one indifferent.”

The Lebanese brand ADYAR that worked its way up to the top of the wine world, is in fact one of the oldest wine makers in the country, after being recognized for its genuine know-how and strict compliance with organic agriculture, which gained it golden medals from different international competitions.

Projection dates of the film will be announced later.