ABC reveals the positive results of its environmental initiatives and introduces awareness workshops within its malls

Beirut, March 8 2016: ABC, the leading Lebanese retail and mall developer, announced the positive results of its photovoltaic power plant at ABC Achrafieh and its waste management program implementation. In fact, ABC succeeded in 2015 in generating 31% of the needed electricity at ABC Achrafieh, which is enough power supply for 300 homes.
The waste management program was implemented during the last 6 months of 2015 in collaboration with “Zero Waste Act” which is part of Contra International. The numbers and statistics from that period have shown that ABC has recycled more than 100,000 kg of recyclable materials, which is equivalent to eight times those recycled in a Lebanese municipality of 800 people if taken within that same time frame.

While commenting on the results of the environmental initiatives Nadine Labaki, ABC’s CSR Ambassador said: “these numbers and encouraging results serve as a catalyst for ABC to continue its efforts to provide effective environmental solutions. Launching both the photovoltaic power plant and the waste management program is in fact part of a comprehensive plan, one through which ABC aims to support and provide solutions for humanitarian, social and environmental issues in Lebanon, which the company highly prioritizes. On top of these priorities is its CSR program, given ABC’s dedication to be an integral part of the local community. These initiatives constitute a practical translation of the company’s strategy and objectives and act as a clear indication of ABC’s continued commitment to create positive change in the Lebanese society. ”
Labaki also considered both projects to be real paradigms, which should spread across the country so that each and every one of us works towards the restoration of a greener Lebanon, ensuring our children live in a clean and healthy environment.
The Photovoltaic power plant project is the first of its kind in Lebanon, through which ABC aims to raise awareness about the importance of preserving and respecting the environment. It also emphasizes its environmental approach and the active role it plays in motivating other companies to follow suit and engage in such projects and contribute to providing innovative environmental solutions.
ABC confirms that it will continue its waste management program, especially in light of the garbage crisis that Lebanon is suffering from. The company has succeeded in involving all shops and restaurants at ABC malls as well as its administration, executive team, employees and customers in the program, which has contributed to its success and the achievement of such positive results, including the significant reduction of waste produced at all its malls.

ABC has scheduled a series of awareness workshops within its branches in Achrafieh and Dbayeh during the month of March. This has been done in collaboration with “Zero Waste ACT” as well as “Cedars environment”, “Terre Liban” and “arcenciel “. These workshops will target school students and customers from all age groups as part of ABC’s efforts to spread environmental awareness and a culture of waste sorting and recycling. This is also in order to have the desired impact from these environmental initiatives and programs and to reach and engage the largest possible segment of people.


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