A collectable stamp honoring Carlos Ghosn unveiled

Beirut, August 28th 2017 – Under the patronage of the President of the Council of Ministers H.E. Mr. Saad Hariri, LibanPost launched the latest edition in its series of collectable stamps, honoring Lebanese international businessman Mr. Carlos Ghosn.

Held at Le Yacht Club in Zaitunay Bay in the presence of Telecommunications Minister H.E. Mr. Jamal Jarrah, representing H.E. Mr. Saad Hariri, the event was attended by a crowd of business leaders as well as government officials, international and local media, and public figures.

The collectable stamps produced by LibanPost champion Lebanon’s rich history, culture, and play a valuable role promoting the country on the international scene. The issuance of LibanPost stamps also aims to celebrate Lebanon’s cultural offerings and the worldwide achievements of some of its most accomplished citizens.

Mr. Khalil Daoud, Chairman of LibanPost, stated that “the first stamp issued for Greater Lebanon and that promoted our country was produced back in 1925. Today, we stand committed to our tradition of creating postal stamps that become part of the country’s identity, as well as preserving and promoting Lebanon’s culture, nature, talents, and the successes of its citizens. This is the first time we are issuing a stamp that carries the name of an exceptional businessman, whose achievements have reached the entire world while having his roots deeply implanted in Lebanese soil.” Daoud also praised Carlos Ghosn as “a Lebanese pioneer at heart and an exceptional achiever even during the most severe international economic crisis, transforming the company he chaired into the largest automobile manufacturing group in the world.”

“I am really touched and I would like to thank everyone representing LibanPost here today,” said Carlos Ghosn, who also thanked “all those present, showing love and friendship, those two elements that we all know stand behind every success.”

“Time goes by so quickly,” added Ghosn. “I remember when I was 6 years old, I used to hide on the balcony of our apartment in Beirut and try to guess the brand of the cars passing by just from the sound of their horns. At six, I had become an expert in what later became my true calling. Today, I am proud to be leading the first automotive group in the world, which I had the opportunity and patience of developing throughout 17 years by marrying different cultures: the French culture, the Japanese, the Chinese the Russian and many others. Ghosn concluding his speech, saying: “All of this was only made possible because somewhere inside of me, there were Lebanese roots, roots that have from the very beginning allowed me to accept diversity and difference and turn it into a source of strength and richness rather than a source of weakness.”     

Telecommunications Minister Jarrah described “the stamp as a Lebanese success story showing excellence”. “It is a Lebanese message that Ghosn has carried to the world, making us proud to say that we are Lebanese, coming from the country of Carlos Ghosn”, he said.

Jarrah also addressed Ghosn personally, saying that “Lebanese like you have always been the best ambassadors of our country, they have carried a message that dates back to the Phoenicians, to those who invented the alphabet and the colors. You have carried this message and you travelled the world to say that Lebanon will always be the country of knowledge, progress, prosperity, culture and excellence”. 

The minister added: “They tried to ignore Lebanon, to change its colors, its nature, and its culture. They have even tried to bury its civilization and annex it to countries that are one hundred years behind. But with the will of the Lebanese, that you carry and represent, we got Lebanon back, and today we salute the Lebanese army that has recovered our land, our identity and our dignity.”

“Every Lebanese is proud of you, and we are honoring you for being a true Lebanese. Prime Minister Hariri congratulates you and wishes he could be present with us today to honor you in person”, Jarrah concluded.  

During the ceremony, Jarrah and Daoud presented a commemorative plaque to Ghosn, honoring his unique accomplishments and praising his bond with his homeland, Lebanon.